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Outside the lines

Today I learned that someone in my company had called me a “random outlier.” It’s true. Most instructional designers in our organization are clustered in HR. Me? I’m all alone in IT. After mistakenly yanking my access to a system

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Performance support

Not sure if performance support is right for your project? In support of their book Job Aids & Performance Support, Allison Rossett and Lisa Schafer put together, you guessed it, a performance support tool to help you decide if performance

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Free Microsoft resources

Two links were posted to the MSDN blog containing free Microsoft ebooks and resources. There are over 80 books in all, covering a wide array of topics, including SharePoint, Office, and Visual Studio. List one List two

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Identity crisis

Recently, I began thinking about what it means to be an instructional designer. I’ve come to realize that eLearning and ILT are not going to cut it any more. Today’s learners just aren’t going to sit through a class, no

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