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Awesomely Bad Training Videos: Wendy’s Grill Skills

Next up is this gem from 1989. This video sports rock and rap, along with some psychedelic graphics and singing burger patties. I could probably replicate the four corner press technique demonstrated here, but I’m not sure I could remember

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First Massively Multiplayer Online Consultancy

This post gives a brief overview of the five minds of cognitive design, plus presents Wikistrat’s unique approach to solving customer problems. First Massively Multiplayer Online Consultancy

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An epic battle

In today’s gaming news, a true David vs. Goliath story:, makers of the ubiquitous Candy Crush Saga, is trademarking the word “saga” and pursuing legal action against indie developer Stoic Studios, maker of The Banner Saga, a completely unrelated

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International TableTop Day is April 5!

Geek and Sundry has announced International TableTop Day will be April 5, 2014. What will you be doing to celebrate?

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Awesomely Bad Training Videos: Service is Selling

The training video has long been a staple of the learning and development industry. And like all forms of training media, the quality of these videos range from stellar to, well, not so much. One of my guilty pleasures is

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The United States Department of Health and Human Services hosts this great resource for anyone looking for basic information and templates for ensuring usability for your site. Be sure to check out the guidelines, which are also available as an

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For the record…

I fully support this. Somebody make this happen!

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