Awesomely Bad Training Videos: Service is Selling

The training video has long been a staple of the learning and development industry. And like all forms of training media, the quality of these videos range from stellar to, well, not so much.
One of my guilty pleasures is watching training videos that are awesomely bad, whether due to poor production values, ineffective instructional strategy, or just general silliness. And some I just have to share.
First up is Selling is Service, courtesy of Once In a Blue Moose in Alaska.

At first blush, this video has all the earmarks of an awesomely bad training video. The actors appear to be real employees and customers, it appears to be filmed in a real store, probably one night after closing, and it’s guilty of general silliness.

But it’s also effective in its simplicity. Go ahead, watch it. I dare you to get that ear worm out of your head. New hires are not likely to forget that service and selling go hand in hand at the Blue Moose.

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