An epic battle


In today’s gaming news, a true David vs. Goliath story:, makers of the ubiquitous Candy Crush Saga, is trademarking the word “saga” and pursuing legal action against indie developer Stoic Studios, maker of The Banner Saga, a completely unrelated game about vikings. The news today upset more than a few people: fd

King argued that they aren’t trying to bully Stoic, just protect their brand. Stoic has announced that they will fight to keep their name.  It’s been a media whirlwind as these two companies appear to be locked in fierce combat over a single word.

If this all sounds a little familiar to you, that’s because this is nothing new. Companies make moves to protect their intellectual property all the time, even if their methods seem a bit, ahem, absurd. Remember when Bethesda Studios tried to prevent Mojang from using the name “Scrolls” because it infringed on The Elder Scrolls brand? No? Maybe because you’ve been too busy playing the Skyrim/Minecraft mash-up. Yep, after their dispute was settled, they actually partnered to release some DLC.

My point is that disputes like this happen all the time. And it doesn’t necessarily make two companies mortal enemies. In the end it’s just business. 

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