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Awesomely Bad Training Videos: Wendy’s Hot Drinks

For today’s awesomely bad training video, we have another gem from Wendy’s. This time, the team that brought us “Grill Skills” teaches us how to serve hot beverages. I can’t help but feel that the producers of this video decided to

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LEGO for girls

I love this ad. I love it because this was me.  I grew up with Lego bricks. I had Lego sets that let me build doll house-like rooms, complete with poseable figures, larger than the classic mini-fig. I was fascinated

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Awesomely Bad Training Videos: Pier One

Today’s awesomely bad training video is this sales technique video from Pier One. In all fairness, this video isn’t that bad. The jingle is catchy, and the employees clearly had fun making it. My only problem is that it’s a

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The Instructional Designer as Content Curator

As learning shifts from an event-focused model to one where learners take ownership of their own development, where does that leave instructional designers? How do we shape learning experiences if our audiences are seeking out their own instruction and performance

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