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The Gamer’s Wish List: The Importance of Play Testing

Today I’m trying something a little different – a video blog generated with Adobe’s new Voice app for the iPad. Enjoy! Advertisements

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The Gamer’s Wish List: K.I.S.S.

Wish 2: Don’t over-complicate things. Especially when you have a good thing going.  Last summer, my brother introduced us to a wonderful board game called Castle Panic. In this strategy game, all players work together to fend of an invading horde

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The Gamer’s Wish List: Lessons from game design

Gamification and game-based learning – two of the hottest terms in the world of learning today. (TeachThought has a nifty article that explains the difference between the two.) For non-gamers, and even for those of us who are passionate about

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The Ten Commandments Of Video Game Menus

The fine folks at Kotaku bring us the cardinal rules all developers should follow when designing a game UI. Because who needs UI testing when you have a vocal user group? (just kidding) Number 5 is is probably my favorite, for

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So easy, anyone can do it!

Thanks to the blog e-Learning Infographics, I came across this item from CommLab India: Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics CommLab India makes very valid points here – instructionally sound elearning courses need to be thoughtfully organized, included interactivity,

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Icons for the new learning world

In October, The Noun Project hosted an Iconathon with Duke University and the Innovation Co-Lab. Their task was to create icons to represent new innovations in learning and education. I’m looking forward to using these to help convey these trending

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Design and web trends to bid farewell

In January, UX Mag and Mashable both published lists of web design elements that should be trashed once and for all. Interestingly, the list only agreed on 2 1/2 items: photo carousels, m dot sites, and the use of Flash.

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